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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your experience with Clonex?

I didn't like the product given its gel consistency but I used it anyways having read positive reviews online. Here's my experience with Clonex. 100% of all the clones with Clonex died, that is 15 plants dead as all rotted away in the area where the Clonex gel was applied.

Is Clonex the best brand for clone gel?

When it comes to clone gel, Clonex is the best brand I ever used. I used some of their products and I found it’s the best product. It’s not my view, almost every grower who use it have the same opinion. That’s why, here I am reviewing the first product from our recommendation, the Hydrodynamics Clonex Rooting Gel.

What is Clonex clone solution made of?

So, here is an overview on my experience with Clonex Clone Solution. It’s made with high-quality minerals like potassium. Calcium plus, nitrogen, phosphorus and many other essential natural minerals. It also contains vitamin B1 which reduces the danger of transplant shock.

How to root Clonex gel?

Then plant your clone in either bark rooters which are rapid rooter cubes or use rockwool. Either way you need to feed the clone something. The gel alone won't make the clone root. You need to water the bark rooter or rockwool cubes with clonex solution at 80ml per gal or use some Thrive Alive and Bloom at 1tsp per gal then water your clones.

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