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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in Clonex root gel?

Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel. Available in 3 different strengths for SOFTWOOD, MEDIUMWOOD and HARDWOOD CUTTINGS. Clonex comes in 3 strengths which are colour coded for easy identification. Indole butyric acid (also known as IBA) is a plant hormone that is responsible for root initiation and growth and is the active ingredient in Clonex.

What is the active ingredient in Clonex purple?

Clonex Purple active ingredient 3.0 g/L IBA for semi-hardwood cuttings Clonex Red active ingredient 8.0 g/L IBA for hardwood cuttings Softwood cuttings from material taken from soft and flexible young wood from current years growth Semi-hardwood cuttings from partially mature wood from the current years growth

What is Clonex?

This is a truly iconic product, born out of our own experience as volume propagators way back in the eighties. It was our idea to use a gel base for the rooting hormones and our development of that idea that lead directly to Clonex.

How long does Clonex gel last?

Clonex gel is guaranteed for two years but, the effectiveness will be shortened if best practices are not followed. Is gray Clonex Gel still good? No, if Clonex Gel is gray or a grayish color then the rooting hormone is no longer effective.

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