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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the clone troopers good or evil?

The Clone Troopers aren't evil , they do have all the basic functions of a human, including emotions, but they also had their independence taken away through various drugs. That way the clones are very docile and will serve the Republic/Empire without question, which is why they blindly follow Order66, it's what they were created to do, serve the Chancellor who is the head of the Republic.

What are the names of the clone troopers?

Clone name generator - Star Wars. Most clone troopers have a number rather than a name, but there are some with nicknames or regular sounding names as well. Names like Mar'ek, Jek, Tam, Ven, Blackout, Barrage, and Carger are just a few examples. Their regular names tend to be very short, but there are a few dozen 2 syllable names,...

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