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Frequently Asked Questions

What do weapons do clone troopers use?

Equipment Phase I Clone Trooper armour Phase II Clone Trooper armour DC-15 blaster rifle DC15A blaster Blaster Pistols Electro Magnetic Pulse grenades Thermal detonators

What are some clone trooper names?

Star Wars: Top 15 Most Skilled Clone Troopers Hunter Fives (CT-5555 Or ARC-5555) Echo (CT-1409) Wrecker Tech Fox (CC-1010) Fordo (ARC-77) Sev (Delta-07 Or RC-1207) Boss (Delta-38 or RC-1138) Cody (CC-2224) More items...

Were clone troopers bad?

So you see, the Clone Troopers are neither good or bad , it is their ACTIONS that are good or bad depending on who is giving them the orders. The clone trooper, Cody, is given a name (rather than a number) because Obi-won has befriended him (spoiler coming!).

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