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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ACC's clinical toolkit collection?

Designed for patients and clinicians to be used at the point-of-care, ACC's Clinical Toolkit collection provides practical, field-tested tools that address critical opportunities for improvement in CV care.

What is the sepsis surveillance toolkit?

This toolkit allows healthcare professionals who are interested in using the sepsis surveillance methodology from the national burden study to track healthcare facility-level sepsis incidence and outcomes using an objective definition based on clinical data.

How much does the PPE clinical toolkit cost?

The PPE Clinical Toolkit is $49.99 per year, making it affordable to keep as a professional subscription. Subscribers to the toolkit have individual logins so the database and the information recorded by the Provider in the database moves job to job as the you go through their career.

What is the preventing preventable strokes toolkit?

The Preventing Preventable Strokes Toolkit provides evidence-based quality improvement tools intended to help clinicians identify barriers related to AF treatment and implement best practice strategies for preventing preventable strokes.

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