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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Vanderbilt division of Clinical Pharmacology do?

The Vanderbilt Division of Clinical Pharmacology has traditionally pursued translational research, attempting to understand how basic molecular, biochemical and cellular processes are altered in various pathological conditions and seeking to identify novel therapeutic interventions for human diseases.

What is the division of Clinical Pharmacology?

The Division of Clinical Pharmacology has a dynamic fellowship program designed to train rigorously individuals interested in a career in clinical pharmacology and translational research.

What is American College of Clinical Pharmacology?

The American College of Clinical Pharmacology is a professional society with Members from academia, industry, government and clinical settings whose Vision & Mission is dedication to improved health by optimizing therapeutics.

What's new at UVA pharmacology?

Exciting new research from Irina Bochkis's Lab (UVA Pharmacology) outline an entirely new paradigm to explain the activation of a type of hormone receptor, known as Type II receptors, found…

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