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Frequently Asked Questions

How to cite ClinicalKey?

How To Cite: Recommendation by the NSU library. The ClinicalKey corporate recommendation does not necessarily follow the citation style guidelines that you may need for your class assignments or for the publication of a manuscript. Since ClinicalKey contains different types of content you will need to note what type of material you are citing in order to follow the style rules for that type of resource.

What are clinical tools?

Clinical Tools. The Spacelabs patient monitor system has an extensive set of clinical capabilities developed in conjunction with clinicians to improve efficiency, functionality and flow of clinical information. These tools are designed to help control costs and reduce patient length of stay. Not all products are available for sale in all countries.

What is a clinical log?

FNP CLINICAL LOG GUIDELINES The Clinical Log is a mechanism whereby the student’s clinical progress and activities can be evaluated. It provides an ongoing communication with course faculty that is essential. The log will be completed weekly and be submitted for evaluation by course faculty on dates identified in your course syllabus.

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