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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best SMTP client submission method for Outlook?

The SMTP client submission (authentication) method is the best to use with the Microsoft Outlook application. Here are the problems with the other two methods: While the Direct Send method has higher sending limits, it only supports internal email communication — you can’t use it for contacts outside your organization.

What is the difference between SMTP client submission and connect connector?

Connector is a requirement of the SMTP relay method and SMTP client submission and SMTP relay are two different methods for relay in Office 365. For more information, you can refer to the link Aaron mentioned above.

How to use Microsoft 365 client submission method to submit mail?

Firstly, if we want to use Microsoft 365 client submission method to submit our message from third-party tool to mail server, we need to: 5> Port 589 and 25 are not blocked in specific network environment (587 supports TLS, 25 will try unencrypted connection but it can be configured to use STARTTLS to negotiate and switch to TLS).

How do I set up SMTP authenticated submission?

To use SMTP Authenticated Submission, you must: 1 Have an Office 365 user mailbox (licensed). This email address will appear as the sender of the message. 2 PowerShell (or another client) must be able to resolve and reach 3 TCP Port 587 or 25 must be open to Office 365 from the client.

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