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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hunting trips does lazy U offer?

C Lazy U Outfitters offers all-inclusive big game hunting trips for elk, mule deer, moose, and pronghorn antelope in Colorado, with archery, muzzle loader and rifle hunts from September through November.

What is there to do at C lazy U Ranch?

Horseback riding is offered year-round at the ranch, along with plenty of other activities to fill time between hunts or for those who would rather spend time at the ranch. With so many things to do, C Lazy U Ranch is one of the best hunting locations that are fun for the family.

Are families of hunters welcome at the C lazy U?

We blend world-class guided hunting trips with the comforts of a luxury guest ranch – and families of hunters are very welcome at the C Lazy U; your spouse and children will never be bored while the hunters are out on the range. For more information about non-hunting vacations, visit the Family Activities page.

Why choose C lazy U for mule deer hunting?

Our guided hunting trips are led by experienced guides in a fair-chase environment on predominately private land, with some public land on the property boundaries. Bring home a prize trophy mule deer, thanks to C Lazy U ’s substantial resident herd and the migratory route that bisects the property, which brings in those elusive monster bucks.

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