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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use spinners and pickers in the classroom?

Give the old popsicle sticks in a jar a tech-friendly update. Spinners and pickers are a great tool for the classroom. They help you and your class make decisions in a totally random way. Use them to choose individuals, groups, activities, rewards, time segments, and more. Here are a dozen of our favorite online spinners and pickers.

What are online Spinners for teachers?

Online Spinners are the digital or virtual ways of doing the traditional draw lots that teachers do inside the classroom just like when having a reporting activities, recitation or selection of group for a class project. Preparing such activity is very cumbersome for teachers. So with Online Spinners, teachers task will be easier and exciting.

Can fidget spinners help your students focus?

There are other fidget tools, beyond fidget spinners, that your students can use to help them focus. Fits your student’s physical abilities (they must have the fine motor skills or strength to use the tool)

What are some of the best online spinners and pickers?

Here are a dozen of our favorite online spinners and pickers. 1. Spin the wheel Wheel of Names is simple to use and has lots of customizable options. Choose your theme, colors, speed, or even the language (over 30 options).

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