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Frequently Asked Questions

How high should a projector screen be in a classroom?

Ceiling should have an average height of not less than 11-12', and allow for a projection screen large enough to display images of adequate size, and placed high enough off the floor to provide unobstructed sight lines. The major entry should be at the rear of the room. Windows should be on the sides of classrooms, not at the front or back.

What is the size of the screen for a single student?

Seat count and configuration should allow for a minimum of 20 square feet per student. Screen height should be no less than 6 times the distance to the furthest viewer.

How many people use classroomscreen?

Classroomscreen is endorsed by a community of teachers and was used by over three million people last year.

What size TV do I need for my Room?

So, the height of your screen should be a minimum of 3’ or 36” tall. Then, simply Google different tv sizes and read the dimensions of the display. You’ll find that a 70” display is 36” tall, so this room should have a minimum 70” display.

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