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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use classroomscreen?

Classroomscreen was founded by a teacher. That’s why we fully understand your needs in front of the classroom. Use Classroomscreen without account, or sign up for free to get access to more functionalities. Save all your screens and make collections with Classroomscreen Pro. Prepare your screens today and use them tomorrow.

How can I use screen lock to improve student learning?

Teachers can use Screen Lock to freeze screens and get their class’s attention by sending a custom message, then be released for individuals or the entire class. Remove distractions from student devices.

What is classlink?

Single Sign-on into Thousands of Apps ClassLink delivers instant access to all your web resources from all your devices. ClassLink provides OneClick single sign-on into web and Windows applications, and instant access to files at school and in the cloud.

How many people use classroomscreen?

Classroomscreen is endorsed by a community of teachers and was used by over three million people last year.

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