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Frequently Asked Questions

What are classroom PBIS practices?

Classroom PBIS practices are preventative and responsive. They are strategies you can implement with all students needing support at any tier. When implemented with fidelity, classroom PBIS practices lead to fewer disruptions, improved student behavioral and academic outcomes, and more time spent teaching,

How does PBIS improve student outcomes?

When PBIS is implemented in the classroom, individual student outcomes improve. [1] At the school-wide level, schools experience overall improved outcomes and are more likely to sustain their PBIS implementation. [2] There are three foundational elements to classroom PBIS: Classroom PBIS practices are preventative and responsive.

What is a Tier 1 classroom PBIS?

Tier 1 elements of classroom PBIS apply to every student in the room, regardless of the additional supports they receive. At this tier, school personnel should expect to meet the needs of most (>80%) of their students. These proactive, preventative, positive elements include: Similarly, at Tier 1 there are systems to support school personnel.

How can school and District Leadership Support PBIS implementation?

Beyond that, school and district leadership teams offer a tiered approach to training, coaching, and feedback to educators to support their classroom PBIS implementation. By differentiating support levels for all, some, and a few students and educators, leadership teams can effectively support all students and staff.

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