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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a classroom management plan for students with autism?

Creating a generic classroom management plan for students without BIPs or FBAs must include interventions that address each student’s specific behavioral issues in the classroom. Read on to find a list of interventions that will address the issues of classroom management for students with autism.

How can we improve behavior strategies for students with autism?

Early intervention in providing effective behavioral strategies for students with autism begins with education. The education of teachers, school staff and students will be beneficial in developing constructive corrective strategies that are authentic in addressing the classroom management needs of autistic students.

What is the best approach to teaching students on the autism spectrum?

For students on the autism spectrum structured teaching approaches need to be in place across all areas of the curriculum. Teacher's recognition of a student's patterns of strengths and abilities, as well as need provide the necessary level of adjustment.

How do teachers deal with students with Aspergers?

When teachers know the extreme of the student’s autism, they can align modified instruction that addresses behavioral issues and redirections, along with academic modifications if indicated. Mainstream higher functioning students with autism and Asperger’s into collaborative groupings to create social peer groups in the classroom.

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