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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best background for your online teaching background?

Your online teaching background can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like. These are 10 tried and tested virtual classroom backdrops that your students will love! 1. World Map (the go-to online teaching background) You can’t go wrong using a world map as your online classroom background.

What color should I put in the background of my classroom?

A colorful background helps set an active, happy, and lively mood in your online classroom. For some reason, it can also make you seem a little more energetic than you already are. You may put a colorful banner in the background like those you have at children’s parties. A rainbow would be beautiful, too.

How can I make my classroom background more interactive?

If you have a more permanent teaching space, you can use chalkboard paint or magnetic paint to make your background more interactive. If you use a secondary reward system in your classes, you’ll love this. For a semi-permanent version, you can hang a small marker board or a cookie sheet on the wall behind you.

How to use a world map as a classroom background?

You can’t go wrong using a world map as your online classroom background. You can use a colourful one with animals or other graphics for children or a more muted one for adults. Having a world map as a background is a great idea It can be interactive, too, if you use the map to show your students where you live and to ask about their country.

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