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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to Classcraft?

How do I sign up to Classcraft? (parents) To sign up, you’ll first need a parent code from your child’s teacher. The teacher may send home a handout or an email containing your child’s student code as well as your parent code. You may also receive this code via email.

What is Classcraft?

Download these free resources! Designed by educators, Classcraft provides behavioral insight and motivational support for students, teachers, schools, and districts to collaborate and grow in one empathetic learning environment.

How do I link my Microsoft account to my Classcraft account?

Linking your accounts through your profile If you didn’t sign up using your Microsoft account, but still want to link it to your Classcraft account, you can do so from your game profileby clicking on the “Link Microsoft Account” button: Log in with your Microsoft account from the pop-up screen to link your accounts.

How can Classcraft help my students thrive?

When students are engaged, they thrive. With Classcraft, you can gamify your existing curriculum to help students get more meaning out of their schoolwork and develop the competencies they need to become better learners.

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