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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a 'Packet Tracer' do?

Packet Tracer is a cross-platform visual simulation tool designed by Cisco Systems that allows users to create network topologies and imitate modern computer networks. The software allows users to simulate the configuration of Cisco routers and switches using a simulated command line interface.

What does Packet Tracer stand for?

Packet Tracer (Activity File For Practice) by Cisco Systems, Inc.Packet Tracer is an interactive network simulation and learning tool for Cisco CCNA instructors and students. It allows users to create network topologies, configure devices, inject packets, and simulate a network with multiple visual representations.

What is a Packet Tracer program?

Packet Tracer is a self-paced, visual, interactive teaching and learning tool. It is designed to increase interaction between students and instructors, promote student learning, and enhance instructor presentations.

What is Packet Tracer network?

Packet Tracer is a powerful network simulator that can be utilized in training for CCNA and CCNP certification exam by allowing students to create networks with an almost unlimited number of devices and to experience troubleshooting without having to buy real Cisco routers or switches.

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