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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AnyConnect support per-app VPN?

AnyConnect for Kindle is equivalent in functionality to the AnyConnect for Android package. Per App VPN is supported in managed and unmanaged environments. In a managed environment using Samsung KNOX MDM, Samsung devices running Android 4.3 or later with Samsung Knox 2.0, are required.

How can I connect to a Cisco VPN?

How to Connect to a Cisco VPN Make sure the Cisco VPN Client is installed on your remote computer. Collect the information needed to configure your Cisco VPN Client. Launch the Cisco VPN Client and access the VPN Dialer from where you have it stored on your computer. Configure and create a new connection entry. See More....

How to setup a Cisco VPN?

Setting Up Cisco VPN Download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client . Install the client onto your device using the InstallAnyConnect.exe file. Follow the setup wizard and select OK once complete. Allow the installation to authenticate if it requests to do so and select Finish once done. See More....

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