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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best staffing structure for your church?

Perhaps the longest standing rule of thumb about staffing structures is the ratio of program staff to average worship attendance. In 1965 Martin Anderson wrote one of the first books to address staffing models in the larger church, Multiple Ministries. He recommended a staffing ratio of 1 pastor for every 500 members (1:500) .

Why hire our church staff recruiters?

Our church staff recruiters have years of ministry and church staffing experience. Our pastor search firm has guided thousands of pastors, ministers, and churches through the whole pastor search process.”

How many staff does it take to run a church?

I believe every church between 10 and 1,000 should use this simple organizational structure. Five areas. That’s it. That means by the time you reach 1,000 you will want to have five full-time staff covering each of these five areas, with some of them overseeing part-time staff themselves.

What factors influence the size of a church staff team?

Many factors influence the size of a staff team. Among these are attendance, the size of the operating budget, growth or decline rate, affluence of the community, geographical location, denominational affiliation, and the age of the church.

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