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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PhD in history of Christianity and historical theology?

The Doctor of Philosophy in History of Christianity and Historical Theology is a 40-credit hour degree that includes: Foundational Courses (7-credit hours) Courses in Area of Concentration (33-credit hours) Research Tools (2) Qualifying Exams (4 written, 1 oral) Dissertation Proposal Dissertation and Defense

What are the best schools for a history graduate program?

Here are the best history graduate programs Princeton University Stanford University Yale University Harvard University University of California--Berkeley Columbia University University of Chicago University of Michigan--Ann Arbor University of California--Los Angeles

What is a PhD in history?

The PhD in History is the first program of its kind offered from a conservative Christian, accredited university. Your degree requires experience both inside and outside the classroom to help you become fully prepared for any professional setting you choose. This program falls under the College of Arts and Sciences.

Can I get my PhD in history online?

Yes – with Liberty University’s online programs, you can earn your PhD in History 100% online. Our goal is to provide you with quality academics that are both affordable and flexible. We understand that you are a working professional with commitments.

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