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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LaTourette known for?

Latourette was known for his magisterial scholarly surveys of the history of world Christianity, the history of China, and of American relations with East Asia. His hundreds of publications, among them more than thirty books, made him both a respected sinologist and an honored church historian.

Is LaTourette's book on Christian history worth reading?

Latourette has done a marvelous job of writing Christian history. This book is a classic and very long - over 1400 pages - and is shorter than many others of his. It is well written and worth the read.

What did Kenneth Scott Latourette do?

Kenneth Scott Latourette. Kenneth Scott Latourette (August 6, 1884 – December 26, 1968) was an American historian of China, Japan, and world Christianity. His formative experiences as Christian missionary and educator in early 20th century China shaped his life's work.

Where did William LaTourette teach history?

Reed College hired Latourette as a lecturer in history in 1914, and he was promoted to associate professor the following year. At Reed he wrote The Development of China (1917), which became a standard text and appeared in several revised editions. Meanwhile Latourette had gone to Ohio in 1916 to teach at Denison University.

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