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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a church history writer?

The church history writer is representing the quality of the past and the image of the church, and must reflect that in the writing. The writer must never take on the job assuming there will be great recognition for the work.

What is a church annual report?

Church reports are documents that detail the many ongoings of the church throughout a specific time period. Many write them yearly, which explains the occasional need for a sample church annual report or a church annual report template. Then there are those who prefer the use of church monthly report samples.

How did one church help another find public records?

One church helped their small town discover where legal agreements were located regarding public property. The records had been destroyed in a courthouse fire, but the church had recorded the events in their 1930’s minutes and the location of other copies of the court documents.

How do I gather a church history?

THE LOCAL CHURCH The most logical place to start with gathering a church history is at your local church. You might begin with legal papers. Most churches have a church covenant which will give the writer a sense of what the church was trying to accomplish in its formation.

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