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Frequently Asked Questions

What are tandem axle trailer fenders?

Tandem-Axle trailer fenders are intended for use on trailers with two axles. They are commonly found in what is referred to as a "Teardrop" style. The "teardrop" gets its name from the shape of the metal "drop" in between the two axles. We offer aluminum, steel and plastic options for tandem fenders.

What are boat trailer fenders made of?

Boat Trailer Fenders | Single Axle Fenders | Tandem Axle Fenders Boat Trailer Fenders are made of materials specifically for Boat Trailers, we have galvanized,aluminum,steel diamond plate,and stainless steel boat trailer fenders for both single axle and tandem axle boat trailers

What kind of Fenders do you have for trailer tires?

We have aluminum diamond plate fenders, galvanized fenders, steel diamond plate fenders, and stainless steel fenders. These Dual Axle Trailer Fenders will outfit trailer tires sizes ranging from 10" up to 15".

How much does a Fender trailer trailer cost?

Raw Finish that Can be Painted For Tire Sizes 13 inch to 15 inch Trailer Round Steel Diamond Plate Fender Single Axle Trailer Price: $77.47 In Stock

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