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Frequently Asked Questions

What material are the half fenders available in?

Our half fenders are available in stainless or diamond plate aluminum material, perhaps to match your tool boxes or headache rack. Only 8 left! Only 2 left! Only 3 left!

Why do semi truck drivers need half fenders?

The open road can be a tough place, full of grit, mud and gravel. The installation of half fenders can increase the protection of not only your truck but also fellow drivers. Numerous vehicular accidents could be avoided by more semi truck drivers investing in high-quality fenders for their trucks.

How much do hogebuilt half tandem fenders cost?

$657.99 Hogebuilt 80 Inch Stainless Steel Half Tandem Ultimate Low Rider Fenders... $490.98 Hogebuilt 68 Inch Stainless Steel Half Tandem Fenders...

What are fenders on a truck?

They wrap around one side of an axle to save your cab from road spray and debris. Sold as a pair of 2 fenders. Each pair works with 22.5 and most 24.5 wheel sizes.

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