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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Christmas ornaments come from?

Christmas tree ornaments. The first incarnation of the Christmas tree, as we now know it, occurred in 16th century Germany, where it was used to celebrate a 24 December holiday called "The Feast of Adam and Eve.". These trees were called "paradise trees" and were thought to be related to the Tree of Knowledge discussed in the book of Genesis.

What are the different types of Christmas ornaments?

Common Types of Christmas Ornaments. Some of the more common Christmas ornaments that are consistently hung in Christmas trees are bells, balls, miniature wreaths, figurines, toys and many others.

What is the meaning of Christmas ornaments?

But do you know how did it all begin' The definition of Christmas tree ornaments comes to us from the route word "ornament" which is defined as an accessory used to beautify, enrich, or improve the appearance or general effect of an object. Read on to know more about the Christmas ornaments that make our holiday decorations look livelier than ever.

What is the history of Christmas decorations?

According to the history of the decoration of Christmas, the Christmas trees arrived in America in the later part of the 19th Century, when the influx of Germany and Irish undermined the Puritan legacy. The Christmas ornaments were exported from Germany. In the 1930s, there was a sharp decline in the tree decorations due to the World War II.

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