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Frequently Asked Questions

How to decorate a chandelier with ornaments?

Ornaments are the best and most popular idea for decorating a chandelier. Choose ornaments you like: red, green, gold, silver, pink, champagne, white or black and hang them on the chandelier using beautiful ribbon. You can combine them with evergreens, pinecones, lights, garlands and other stuff.

What to hang on pendant lights and chandelier?

Green branches, dried fruits, berries, simple paper crafts and handmade Christmas decorations are perfect ornaments to hang on pendant lights and chandelier. Here are 15 creative Christmas decorating ideas for your lighting fixtures that are inspiring and attractive.

How do you decorate a pendant lamp for Christmas?

Dress your chandeliers and other pendant lamps with holiday ornaments, Christmas tree branches, ribbons and other holiday themed things. If you don’t have chandeliers you can make one by yourself. Tree branches would be perfect things to hang ornaments on. Here are some ideas that might help you with decorating.

How do you hang Christmas Garland on a chandelier?

Wrap garland around the chain of your light fixture. Red & gold ribbon is curled down the sides of the garland, while ornaments and berries fill in the gaps. A tassel is attached to the center of the chandelier. (via Pearls Handcuffs & Happy Hour)

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