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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Christmas music start on the radio?

In the US, radio stations start to play Christmas music as early as November. Playing holiday music is a proven radio ratings boost for AC formats. European stations pick it up as well.

What channel is Christmas music on the radio?

Official website. The Christmas Channel is an American radio network that primarily airs traditional and popular Christmas music to 35 affiliate radio stations across the United States. The Christmas Channel is a property of Cumulus Media Networks (through Cumulus Media) and is active from the day before Thanksgiving Day through Christmas Day.

What radio station in Chicago has Christmas music?

There are two radio stations in the Springfield, Illinois radio market that are playing Christmas music 24/7. 90.5 WIBI has, since Thanksgiving, been playing Christmas songs, both old and modern, performed by contermporary Christian music artists such as Steven Curtis Chapman, the Catinas, etc. (they're normally a CCM station).

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