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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do at children's Museum of Pittsburgh?

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is growing along with your family, with a place where kids 10+ can have cutting-edge experiences in art, tech, metalworking and learning. You can step into a virtual world and explore funky art installations, weave on a loom. sew a sneaker, emboss metal and more.

How do I get reciprocal admission to children's Museum of Pittsburgh?

Please visit the ASTC website for a complete listing of participating institutions and restrictions. You must live more than 90 miles away (“as the crow flies”) from Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh for benefits to apply. Call 412.322.5058, ext 363, for a code you can use online to receive reciprocal admission.

What are the best museums for kids 10+?

Hi! We're having a great time at Children's Museum of Pittsburgh and at Museum Lab, our newly opened museum for kids 10+! In Museum Lab, have new experiences as you go deep on art projects, cool tech and making projects from lasercutting to embroidery to animation.

What are the Open Exhibits in the children's Museum?

Open exhibits in the Children’s Museum include the Studio, Makeshop, Kindness Gallery, the Garage, Waterplay and Emotions at Play with Pixar’s Inside Out. We have implemented timed ticketing through our online reservation system to limit capacity in the Museum and provide a safe and comfortable visit for all.

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