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Frequently Asked Questions

What are facts about childhood?

Childhood is usually defined in relation to adulthood: the condition of being an immature person, of having not yet become an adult. In some societies, physical or reproductive maturity marks the transition to adulthood, but in modern Western societies full adult status is not usually achieved until several years after puberty.

What ages are considered childhood?

In common terms, childhood is considered to start from birth, and as a concept of play and innocence, which ends at adolescence. In the legal systems of many countries, there is an age of majority when childhood legally ends and a person legally becomes an adult, which ranges anywhere from 15 to 21, with 18 being the most common.

What is the secret of childhood?

The Secret of Childhood is a passionate account of Maria Montessori s extensive research and many years of observation of child behaviour. Montessori considers the child in its entirety, including body, mind and the soul. A child is a mystery, argues Montessori, and the role of an adult is to facilitate the unfolding of child s true self.

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