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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate child support payments in Texas?

To calculate the amount of child support payments, Texas Courts apply a three-part test: The court must (1) determine the amount of the paying party’s available net income, (2) apply the child support guidelines to paying party’s net income to determine the amount of the support, and (3) consider any other factors that might justify deviating from ...

What are the laws regarding child support in Texas?

Texas Child Support Duration. Texas law provides that the court “may order either or both parents to support a child” until either the child turns 18 or graduates from high school (the later of the two), the child emancipates by marriage, the disabilities of the child are removed, or the child dies.

What do you need to know about child support in Texas?

The first important thing to know about child support is establishing who will pay child support . Child support laws in Texas presume that a parent who has physical custody of a child is already providing for that child financially. Therefore, it is the non-custodial parent who is liable for regular child support payments.

How to contact child support Texas?

CONTACT information BY US MAIL Office of the Attorney General Child Support Division P.O. Box 12017 Austin, TX 78711-2017 ON THE INTERNET website - email - [email protected] 24-HOUR PAYMENT AND CASE STATUS INFORMATION: (800) 252-8014 FOR THE DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING Call Relay Texas toll free by dialing 711

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