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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I collect child support?

When trying to collect back child support you just have to keep pushing and don’t give up. Seek information from different reliable sources and follow every avenue you can. Child support is to help pay for the support of the child and you are entitled to your fair share.

Do you have to pay child support if the child has a child?

Every child is entitled to be supported by both of his or her parents. This means if you have a child, you are going to be required to pay to support the child even if you don’t want to remain involved in the child’s life. The parent who is caring for the child can petition for a support order and the court will likely grant that order.

How do I pay child support payments online?

You can pay online using private child support payment platforms like ExpertPay, or, depending on where you live, you can use your state’s online payment system. You can make your child support by accessing your state's child support enforcement online payment system or by using a private platform like ExpertPay.

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