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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up Bank of America Online?

Sign Up for Online Banking. Open your Web browser and go to the Bank of America Online Banking Enrollment page. Select the state where you opened your Bank of America account, then select the type of account you have. Enter your credit card number if you selected "I have a Bank of America Credit Card," then enter your ZIP code.

Will child support seize my bank account?

If you do not pay your child support, the Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Division (DOR/CSE) can seize your bank account to pay for the child support you owe. Before the DOR/CSE can levy your bank account it must send you a Notice of Child Support Delinquency.

What is Bank of America checking number?

Phone Number of Bank of America Checking Account Contact is +1 800-933-6262 . The Bank of America Corporation is the world's foremost provider of banking and financial services based in the United States.

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