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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to download Chemistry textbook for 9th class in PDF?

Loading please wait... Download Matric Class 9 Chemistry Textbook in PDF by Federal Text Book Board (FBISE), Islamabad and National Book Foundation (NBF). 9th Class Federal Text Books PDF for all subjects are available on Special thanks to Touseef Ahmad (Future Doctor) for this PDF.

How to prepare for 9th class chemistry at PCTB?

PCTB has E-books for all classes including 9th class books in the form of PDF. The students who want to achieve excellent success in exams should prepare for exams according to the 9th class chemistry pairing scheme. The pairing scheme gives you a format and idea of the paper.

Is the chemistry Punjab Textbook Board good for new chemistry learners?

For the following reasons, you can classify the chemistry Punjab textbook board as an excellent coursebook for new chemistry learners. At the beginning of each chapter, there is an outline to make both the teachers and students understand what is in the unit. Along with the topics, there is a long list of descriptions of each topic.

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