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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical cost of a Yorkie puppy?

How Much Does a Yorkie Terrier Cost? Yorkshire Terrier Price. The price of Yorkie puppies ranges from $300-$800. ... Yorkie Mix Cost Table. Next up let's dive deep into why different Yorkie mixes have different costs. ... The Bloodline - Costs For Purebred Yorkshire Terriers. ... Papers. ... Health. ... The Breeder. ... Appearance. ...

How many puppies does a Yorkie usually have?

A Yorkie usually has three to five puppies in a litter. Most of the smaller-breed dogs have smaller litters from one to five puppies while larger breeds have larger litters, reports the American Kennel Club.

Is a Yorkie a rare dog?

It is a rare purebred dog that is a result of the occurrence recessive piebald gene in Yorkshire Terriers. They are friendly, energetic, playful, and considered to be rare. A Must-Read: My Yorkie Is Constipated What Can I Do?

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