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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cheap Sunglasses a ZZ Top song?

"Cheap Sunglasses" is a 1980 single by ZZ Top from their 1979 album Degüello. It is one of their most famous songs and includes the use of some odd instruments.

What class do girls come in in the song Sunglasses?

After all, girls come in 2 classes, the kind that are uptight and out of reach and those with the cheap sunglasses. However, the song opens with a much different tale of sunglasses. Hung over and worn out from a night of hard partying, the singer is forced to get some cheap sunglasses just to function.

What does the sunglasses mean to the singer in the song?

She catches the eye of the singer, who followers her around, admiring every aspect of her. Though she might seem unattainable to some, he knows that he might stand a chance as a result of her cheap sunglasses, which imply that she is a regular, down home person, too.

Which rappers sampled Cheap Sunglasses?

The rap duo EPMD sampled "Cheap Sunglasses" on their song "You're a Customer" (which appears on their 1988 debut album Strictly Business) . Kid Rock samples it on his song "Cramp Ya Style" for his 1990 debut Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast .

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