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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Charlotte bonded warehouse available for lease?

*ATTENTION - Charlotte Bonded Warehouse has space available for lease starting OCTOBER 1st. 700 square feet of office space and 9400 square feet of warehouse space. *Charlotte Bonded Warehouse does provide trucking if needed.

How many employees does bonded logistics have?

An ISO 9001 operation, Bonded Logistics employs over 300 people across 12 locations and 2.4 million sq. ft. of facility space. The entire Bonded family has done an outstanding job with our distribution needs.

How do I track my shipment with @Charlotte bonded?

Charlotte Bonded is not responsible for any documentation sent over prior to arrival of shipment. *You can track your shipment at our website. Please select "Search for Import Cargo" tab and enter the IT number. If the shipment is not in, please enter your email address along with the IT number at the bottom of screen.

What makes Charlotte a great location for shipping?

Proximity to Atlantic ports, inter-modal facility, major interstate intersection, inland terminal, international airport, and a day’s drive to over 50 major US markets all make Charlotte, NC an ideal location for receiving and shipping goods and services.

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