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Frequently Asked Questions

What actually happens in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Immediately after filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a taxpayer can expect that an automatic stay on all collections efforts and legal proceedings (including foreclosure) will go into effect. This is a legal red light for creditors, collections companies, repossession companies, and other courts.

What is the process of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The process of Chapter 7 bankruptcy includes the following steps: It is mandatory to get a career counselling done from the approved agencies by the United States Trustee’s Office. This should be done 6 months before you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Non compliance to filing the certificate completion course will lead to dismissal of your case.

Is Chapter 7 bankruptcy always the best option?

It’s Charles H. Huber’s philosophy to always recommend filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy if the option is available to you. There are several advantages to filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. For one, it’s a much shorter process that typically takes four months from the time you file to the time you get your discharge.

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