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Frequently Asked Questions

What is change management in ServiceNow?

Change Management in ServiceNow involves the provision of a systematic approach to control the life cycle of all changes, facilitating beneficial changes to be made with minimal disruption to IT services. All the processes are tracked and managed with the help of service management tools which, in this case, is ServiceNow.

How to automate risk assessment in ServiceNow?

Automated risk assessment is possible with the change management application of ServiceNow. After uploading the requirements and criteria of the change, the tool can perform a risk assessment for you which you can easily see within the change application.

How do I create a change request in ServiceNow?

Change requests can be created in ServiceNow in a few different ways. You can navigate to Change>Create New in the Application Navigator to create a new change. Clicking on Create New will take you to the Change interceptor page where you specify what kind of changes is requested:

What are the different types of change initiatives in ServiceNow?

Not all change initiatives are equal, so there are in general 3 types of change request within the ServiceNow platform: Standard: Pre-authorized and low-risk change that follows specified procedures of work. It can be frequently implemented and no CAB approval is required.

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