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Frequently Asked Questions

How to search CFMS new login ID by employee ID?

Every employee can get their new login details using their old 7 Digit ID number, and there is a second option also available to search CFMS New Login ID through Bank Account Number, or PAN Number, or Aadhar Number or by using employee name. What is the latest update for CFMS ID Search by Employee ID?

How to know your AP CFMS login ID?

On the login page, you will have to select ‘Know Your CFMS ID’ option. Choose the option you want to use in searching the CFMS login ID and click on ‘Submit’ button. Enter the requested details after which you will see your CFMS login ID. How to know my AP CFMS ID number at

How to reset CFMS password?

Another tab will be opened. Here, enter your CFMS ID in the box of User ID and enter your registered mobile number. After that click ‘OK’. If your ID and mobile number match successfully, you will get a message on the screen as ‘Password reset successful’. Check your SMS/e-mail for new password’. Click on ‘OK’ tab after that.

What are the services provided by CFMS portal?

There are endless services provided by the CFMS portal. Some of the sections of the portal are still under development phase. But the already discussed services and the vision of the CFMS must have given you a clear idea of how the Andhra Pradesh government is planning to implement the financial management system on a very large scale.

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