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Frequently Asked Questions

Are CFMOTO ATVs any good?

Damping is good and the handling is confidence inspiring especially for new riders. Stability and precision are very good for this type of entry / midrange level ATV. Just don’t expect the same level of ride quality as it’s larger 800 and 1000cc siblings. Steering has always been a little fuzzy with CFMoto ATVs in the past.

What happened to CFMOTO Canada?

Since CFMoto’s arrival in Canada in 2010, we have had a lot of negative reviews of their product and some of them justified with pre late 2014 owners. CFMoto Canada is still paying the price for these mishaps to this day.

Is the CFMOTO 600 a good car?

CFMOTO was infamous for weak lighting in the past. Just like the Z950 sport and the UFORCE 1000, the 600 got some mean headlight that are better than certain cars. I kid you not!

Who are the best CFMOTO dealers in Quebec?

MGR Suzuki/CFMoto from Plessisville is one of the oldest CFMoto dealers in Quebec and they have a very specific way of preparing units for sale which makes them one of the dealers with the least returns within 30 days of purchase in Canada. In short, they are a reference in this field.

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