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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the newest ATV in the CFMOTO stable?

The newest and largest ATV in the CFMoto stable is the CFORCE 1000 OVERLAND, and it gets right to the heart of what exploring new areas on and ATV is all about. Although it’s not scheduled to hit the trails until the spring of 2021, we had a chance to check out its features and put in some quality trail time already.

What happened to CFMOTO?

No longer are they the intriguing yet largely unknown models mostly seen at powersports expos, the brand and product line have evolved. Today the CFMoto lineup features a full compliment of ATVs and UTVs designed for work and play, and each comes with features that are normally considered “extras” on traditional brands.

Is the CF Moto made in China?

02 NK Concept model, designed in Italy and powered by the 990 version (actually, 999cc) of KTM’s 75-degree V-twin LC8 engine, which will be exclusively manufactured in China from 2020 onwards to power an all-new range of models carrying the CFMoto name. Who makes the CF Moto? What motorcycles are made in China?

What is a CFMOTO touring?

CFMoto Touring models offer an excellent riding experience for those who prefer to take a passenger, and the comfy, rear seat is slightly elevated for the trail ahead. Passengers also get sturdy, aluminum foot pegs, and rubber hand holds.

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