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Frequently Asked Questions

How much CFM does a leaf blower have?

The air volume of leaf blowers on the market is from 300 to 2000 CFM but the highest 2000 CFM models are rare and made for commercial purposes. Most powerful leaf blowers have an air volume of about 700 CFM. This air volume is optimal for cleaning the backyard and other home jobs.

How to change the leaf blower from vacuum to blower?

How to Change the Leaf Blower From Vacuum to Blower Press in on the tabs of the vacuum bag elbow where the elbow connects to the bottom of the blower. Pull the elbow down to remove the bag assembly. Turn the vacuum tube counterclockwise with your hands until the tube unlocks from the front of the blower. Lower the vacuum door over the vacuum hole.

What does leaf blower CFM and mph mean?

In simple words, the blowing strength or power of any leaf blower is called its CFM. More the powerful blower more will be its CFM airflow. The MPH value of the leaf blower indicates the speed by which air escapes from the tube in an hour.

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