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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CDA cdanet and CDA ITRANS?

The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) provides CDAnet and the CDA ITRANS Claims Service (or ITRANS) to dentist members of CDA’s Corporate Members and in Quebec, CDA member dentists. CDAnet and ITRANS are used by Canadian dentists to submit dental claim benefits to claim processors on behalf of their patients, securely and efficiently.

How do I sign in to the CDA practice support services website?

If it’s your first time signing in to the CDA Practice Support Services website, you will need to create a username and password. Use the express code that was sent to your email address to create a username and password and complete the validation process.

How does CDA secure send work?

Connected to CDA's directory of dentists, senders can search for dentists by name, specialty or location. It's as simple and as quick as sending an email. Unlike email, with CDA Secure Send the confidentiality of patient data is assured. It's as simple as sending an email. With CDA Secure Send, patient information can be sent to anyone.

How do I get a CDA for my dentist?

The Practice Support Services website allows dentists and staff to self-manage the office’s CDA services, including CDAnet, ITRANS, CDA Secure Send and the CDA Digital ID. The dentist must first create an account and validate their identity.

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