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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all error codes apply to my version of cdanet?

Note: Not all error codes will apply to your version of CDAnet: this list is intended for reference use only. If this article does not resolve your concern, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

Can I send claims electronically through cdanet formatted messages?

This User Guide has been provided to assist you in sending claims electronically through CDAnet formatted messages. All staff processing claims are encouraged to read the manual carefully. Your software vendor will inform you when additional carriers are to be added to your Practice Management Software.

Where can I find information on cdanet insurance carriers?

The CDAnet Networks & Insurance Carrier Information details on CDAnet insurance carriers, including: age limits, policies and supported transactions is listed on the CDAnet Supported Transaction document available at Note: claims older than the insurance carrier age limit must be printed and cannot be transmitted electronically.

What are the cdanet implementation notes?

In that regards, CDA has introduced the “CDAnet Implementation Notes” to provide guidance to dental office software vendors, claims processors and networks on the implementation of the CDAnet standards. This document is to support the implementation of…

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