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Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a cdaac member?

Using specialized training, tools, and techniques, we help transform the lives of individuals and families through effective communication. CDAAC is committed to supporting excellence in Communicative Disorders Assistant practice as well as the professional growth of all its members.

What's new at cdaac?

Dear COSMIC data user: The CDAAC team has introduced a new way of fetching data via the web using a REST (REpresentational State Transfer) architecture. With this interface you can fetch a daily tarball of data for a specified mission, file type and day.

Is the list of cdaac data users up to date?

The list of CDAAC data users is now up to date, but it had been left for over a month without routine updates. We apologize for this delay. New METOP-A and METOP-B mission climate reprocessing.

Does it cost anything to be a CDA member?

It does not cost to be a CDA member; it pays to be a CDA member. I have deep appreciation for all the work CDA does. It's second to none with it comes to support of our profession and for the public at large.

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