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Frequently Asked Questions

How much data has the cdaac processed from cosmic?

The CDAAC is continuing to process all data that arrive from the COSMIC satellites. At this point we have processed about 17,000 (15,000 good) atmospheric and 28,000 ionospheric profiles from COSMIC.

What's new at cdaac?

Dear COSMIC data user: The CDAAC team has introduced a new way of fetching data via the web using a REST (REpresentational State Transfer) architecture. With this interface you can fetch a daily tarball of data for a specified mission, file type and day.

Where can I download COSMIC-1 data?

COSMIC-1 data are now available for download without registration. Details here. COSMIC's Summer 2020 Newsletter (3.0 MB) is posted. COSMIC-2 neutral atmosphere and space weather data are available at CDAAC and TACC.

What is COSMIC-2 data and why is it important?

COSMIC-2 data are making important contributions to NOAA's weather forecast models this hurricane season.

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