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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the annual anti-fraud conference open to the general public?

The Annual Anti-Fraud Conference is not open to the general public and registration for the Conference is subject to review and approval by the Conference.

Who writes cdcdaa publications?

CDAA publications are written BY prosecutors FOR prosecutors. During the pandemic we produced and distributed the Investigation & Prosecution of Domestic Violence manual and Investigation & Prosecution of Strangulation Cases to every district attorney’s office in California.

What is the CDAA Foundation doing to encourage young people to become prosecutors?

The CDAA Foundation has launched a new campaign aimed at encouraging young people from all backgrounds to consider becoming prosecutors and fostering greater diversity in district attorney’s offices throughout the state.

How many bills does CDAA track each year?

CDAA staff tracks between 200 and 400 bills per year. This is in addition to the work done related to the annual adoption of the state budget.Legislation Committee is charged with developing CDAA’s legislative advocacy program.

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