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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CDAA 2022 National Conference?

The CDAA 2022 National Conference Title is: Career Development Excellence in the New Normal - the opportunity to explore Career Development’s vital contribution to a world living with COVID-19. We talked in the CDAA 2019 Conference of “a new paradigm emerging” – we did not realise at that time what was to come!

What training does cdcdaa offer?

CDAA offers training programs in a variety of formats: Live and in-person, distance learning, virtual seminars, Master Academy classes, and Wednesday Webinars. The primary role of the District Attorney is to protect the community he or she is elected to serve.

How do I get a link to a CDAA meeting?

To get the link to the meeting, email CDAA ( [email protected] ). Here are just a few resources that are evidence-based for you to reference. Check these resources regularly for the latest updates. ADAA – resources just for dental assistants.

Who writes cdcdaa publications?

CDAA publications are written BY prosecutors FOR prosecutors. During the pandemic we produced and distributed the Investigation & Prosecution of Domestic Violence manual and Investigation & Prosecution of Strangulation Cases to every district attorney’s office in California.

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