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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to renew a CDA?

Apply for the CDA Renewal. Once you meet all requirements, you are ready to fill out and submit your CDA renewal application. To apply for CDA renewal online, the fee is $125. To apply for CDA renewal by mail, the fee is $150.

What version of the CDA® renewal application will the council accept?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beginning November 1, 2019 the Council will only accept the current version of of the renewal application provided in the CDA® Renewal Procedures Guide dated January 2019. All other versions will be returned.

What happens if my CDA Credential expires?

If your CDA Credential expires, you will have to reapply to obtain a new credential. • Candidates should submit their renewal application on or before their expiration date. • Candidates can submit their renewal application up to 6 months before their expiration date.

What is the CDA renewal amnesty program?

As part of the celebration, the Council is offering a limited-time CDA® Renewal Amnesty Program. This program allows anyone with a CDA® credential expiration date as far back as January 1, 2010, an opportunity to complete the renewal process and make their credential active again.

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