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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the CDA Press?

As such, the CDA Press, through its chairman and the editorial board process, is charged by the Commander of CDA to review and assess manuscripts and prepare for publication those works that meet the highest scholarly and professional standards expected of an academic press. Inquiries can be addressed to [email protected]

Who are the editors of cdapress?

Mike Patrick Managing Editor | [email protected] | 208-664-0227 Bill Buley Assistant Managing Editor | [email protected] | 208-416-5110 Devin Heilman Reporter | [email protected] | 208-664-8176 ext. 1111

What is the role of the CDA?

CDA enhances the Profession of Arms and contributes to the defence diplomacy objectives of DND/CAF by creating strategic educational opportunities through effective engagements and partnerships nationally and internationally. Additionally, CDA is the CAF training authority for common professional development training and education.

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